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Assessing The Impact Of Project Management And Evaluation In The Public Sector (A Case Study Of Gombe State, Nigeria)

The main objective of the study is to find out whether or not management and evaluation skills and techniques are used in projects evaluation in the public sector using Gombe State of Nigeria as a case study. A survey method was adopted and questionnaire waw used to collect data for the study. Mean average and simple percentage was used to analyze the data collected. The study found that monitoring and evaluation unit is lacking in the ministry and pre-execution audit of projects is not being practiced in the ministry of works Gombe State. The paper recommends that special monitoring and evaluating unit should be set in the ministry of works Gombe State of Nigeria to help in the operational process of project execution, also pre-execution audit should be given a priority to ensure that all the procedures governing the awards of project are duly complied with. Keywords- Project, Project Evaluation, Project Management And Public Sector.