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Development of Money Counting Machine by ARM based Microcontroller

The money counting machine (MCM) is one of the miracles of the science. Different techniques have been used to design and improve the counter machine, range from the simple counter that counts a number of notes with normal speed to high-level counter that utilized image processing to detect the type of currency and its amount in addition to used multiple fake detections and can run in very fast speed. These techniques and devices are highly expensive so just used in some area like banks, exchange office, markets merchant, etc. However, nowadays there is an improvement in design microcontroller unit (MCU) and its application along with it become in low cost, so there is a need to design counter machine based on utilized MCU and sensors. This work aimed to design a low-cost counter machine with fake detection that utilized MCU based ARM Cortex-M4 32 bit. The Teensy MCU version (3.2) as prototype card has been used which has ARM Cortex 32 processor. The mechanical parts that consist of the roller which has rods in a continuous pattern and the roller move these rods with a particular fixed speed. Laser transmitters and receivers have been used to detect notes and start and stop counting in addition to counting each note. The UV sensor has been used as fake notes detector. The counting result has been shown in LCD screen and the system will stop counting if detect any fake note. The results appear a relatively high-speed counting with high accuracy (100%) in counting and fake detection. Keywords - Currency counter, Teensy3.2 microcontroller, Notes counter, UV detector, Cash validation, ARM Cortex M4, Fake Note Detection.