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Development of Building Condition Assessment System (B-CAS) by Using Visual Basic .NET Application

Building inspection is traditionally conducted by using descriptive information. These are time consuming, particularly during site inspections. The problem with this method of assessment is that the time needed to write all the defect description on site in addition to translate and analyse descriptive data to presentable information. The development of Condition Survey Protocol (CSP) 1 Matrix has been proven to be effective by researcher as it able to save on-site time during building inspection. Although the result achieved using CSP1 Matrix is considered quick and precise, the system still requires analysis and computation by human hand. To make condition assessment more effective, thus the utilization of computer application must be considered. Using computer application, surveyor will not only able to get result quick and precise, but also can reduce error during computation. This study focuses on the development of Visual basic programming that utilizes CSP1 Matrix to help improve building inspection efficiency. Index Terms - Building condition assessment, CSP 1-Matrix, MySQL, Visual Basic .NET.