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Trabecular Bone Microstructure of Mandible In Ovariectomized Rat

Osteoporosis is one of the serious health problems in the world, especially for the postmenopausal women. Nevertheless, the results of menopause on the jawbones may be different owing to different region of interest (ROI). The objective of the present study was to evaluate the correlation of trabecular bone structure in the different ROIs of the mandibles with rat models. Twelve Wistar rats were used as experimental animals in this study, which divided into two groups: control group andovariectomized (OVX) group. Control group didn’t receive the surgery. The rats in OVX group underwent ovariectomy surgery at eight weeks old, and all rats were sacrificed at 20 weeks of age, the mandibles were excised for micro-computed Tomography to evaluate the region below the first mandibular molar and mandibular condyle. The experimental results indicated that both statistically significant differences were found in the bone volume/total volume, trabecular bone separation, and trabecular bone numberin OVX and control groups between the region below the first mandibular molar and mandibular condyle. And the effect of ovariectomy on the trabecular bone in the region below the first mandibular molar is even more significant than in the mandibular condyle. Furthermore, the different ROIs of mandibles could result in similar tendency in OVX group. Nonetheless, for control group, it might lead to different results. Keyword - Rat, Ovariectomy, micro-computed tomography, mandible, trabecular bone structure