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The Study On Elderly Tourist On Tourism Activities In Ranong Province

Nowadays, Elderly tourist is potential and interesting market due to society approach to elderly society. United Nation estimated that elderly people will increase from 687.9 million in 2549 B.E. to 1,968 million in 2593 B.E. which Asia will have most elderly people. More over elderly people in Thailand will increase upward trend as 1/3 are Japanese tourist. These are good opportunities for Thailand to draw this elderly group. Elderly tourist behavior differences from general tourist. They emphasize on quality service which reasonable. They select activities which suitable for their age and health. Therefore, tourism program as Slow Tourism, close to nature, non-pollution healthy food, comfortable for elderly vehicles and prepared for safety should be created [1]. Ranong is located in the south part of Thailand, on the west coast along the Andaman Sea. It is the least populated province. Eighty percent of its area is covered by forests, and 67 percent is mountainous [2]. Ranong is one of the province which tourist should not missed due to its famous of natural resources and historical story. Ranong now become famous tourist destination, both Thai and foreigner tourist continuously come to visit. There are many famous tourist attraction such as Phayam Island, NamtokNgao National Park or 2 natural hot springs; Hot Springs Raksawarin and Porn Lung Hot Springs [3]. In addition, Ranong province is intend to be “A hub of transport goods between countries Andaman coast countries and preservation of city of Health Tourism and be livable environment” [4] The province established large size of hospital “Ranong Hospital” which fully with facilities for patientand “Thai Traditional Medicine and Herbal product and demonstration Centre” for preserve and rehabilitate people health [4]. Therefore, Ranong province is another one destination that elderly tourist interested. Hence, researcher then would like to study on elderly tourist interested toward tourist activities when they traveling purpose to created new tourism program which satisfy elderly tourist group purpose to draw this potential group to come to visit Ranong Province. To accomplish the goals and objectives, qualitative research was applied. The study also used both primary data and secondary data. Research result founded Tourist activities which got the most mean scores (4.73) are infusion in hot springs indicated most interested. Secondly, body rejuvenation Class got mean scores as (4.69) considered most interested. Thirdly belong to take a boat trip and dressing local costume with mean scores closed to seconded place (4.67) indicated most interested. Then health’s check program got the mean score (4.58). Follow by visit beautiful water fall with mean score (4.53). Last top five are cooking healthy food class with mean scores (4.24) considered most interest. Then join local people to make local souvenir (4.23) represented most interested. Follow by cultural route day trip got mean scores as (4.18) signify very interest. Before last is join local people to make dessert as mean scores (4.05) carried very interested. The lowest score belong to meditation class with mean scores as (4.02). Keywords - Ranong Province, Health Tourism, Elderly Tourist, Hot Spring. Tourist Activities