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The Mediating Effect Of Knowledge Management System And Learning Culture On Human Capital Development

Due to rapid changes in scientific education, revolution in information technology and in data economy era, schoolteachers are liable to develop their knowledge and skills, in order to provide advance level education to children.This is a conceptual study of Human Capital Development (HCD) at rural area schools of Pakistan. Thepurpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between transformational leadership (TL), knowledge management system (KMS), learning culture and human capital development. Rare, research is conducted on knowledge management strategies with the association of human capital development in educational industry of Pakistan. Due to globalization, fast innovation and information technology revolution the scope of knowledge management wider now.This research is helpful for all government schools in rural areas of Pakistan to develop the capacity of teachers in order to provide quality of education to students. Online learning via webinar can really help schoolteachers to get new knowledge.The findings show that transformational leadership has positive impact on knowledge management system and learning culture. Further studies, also identified a positive impact of Knowledge management system and organization learning culture on human capital development. Keywords - Transformational leadership, Knowledge management, Learning culture, Human capital development, rural areas of Pakistan,