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The Effect Of Using Question Based Discussion Technique On Students' Achievement In English Novel

Teacher's questions are the chief verbal tool for shaping and modeling interaction in the classroom as well as the primary source of data for evaluating the substantive knowledge and intellectual skill of his/her students. The study, aims at: 1. Investigating the effect of using question based discussion technique in teaching English novel on students’ achievement. 2. Finding out whether there are any significant differences in using question- based discussion technique at recognition and production level. 3. Finding out whether there are any significant differences in using QBD technique between male and female. The population of the study is (141) male and femela. The sample of the study consists of 60 college students in the Department of English at the College of Education/, University of Kirkuk for the academic year 2016-2017. . The two groups were randomly chosen one of these two groups was assigned as an experimental group (EG) which was taught novel by using Question Based- discussion strategy, and the other as a control group (CG) which wastaught novel by using traditional method. The achievement test was carried out by the researcher to measure the students' progress in the dependent variables of the study. The statistical analysis of the results reveals that there is a statistically Significant difference between the mean achievement scores of the EG and those of the CG in the novel achievement posttest. the research ended up with a number of recommendations. Furthermore, some suggestions for further studies.