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Examining The Effects Of Using Social Strategies On Efl College Students' Attitudes Toward Using Self-Peer Assessment

In foreign language contexts, it is vital to develop students' communicative capacities before using any technique that needs interaction such as self-peer assessment. The present study tries to shed the light on developing students' communicative abilities by using social strategies (asking questions, cooperating with others, empathizing with others) in their daily lessons. It aims at examining the effects of using social strategies on student's attitudes toward using Self-Peer assessment. To achieve the aims, a null hypothesis has been posed as follows: there is no statistically significant difference between the mean scores of the experimental group and that of the control one in their attitudes toward using self and peer assessment. Sixty students are chosen randomly from the third grade, department of English, University of Diyala as a main study sample. They are divided into two groups, experimental and control, thirty students for each of them. The instrument used was the scaled questionnaire that adapted from Wen, Tasi and Chang (2006). In the light of the results, relevant conclusions are drawn and a number of recommendations are put forward. Keywords - Social strategies, Self-Peer assessment, EFL College students, Attitud