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Use of Scholarly Journals By the Academic Staff of Sri Lankan Universities (with Special Reference to Colombo, Kelaniya And Moratuwa Universities)

This study was conducted to compare the usage of print journals with electronic journals by members of the academic staff in the universities of Kelaniya, Colombo and Moratuwa. The total population consists 2,557 Academic staff members representing Professors, Senior lecturers, Lectures, Probationary lecturers and Temporary Assistant lecturers of the three selected universities. The sample size representative of the study is 335 based on the Krejcie and Morgan’s sample size determination table. 335 questionnaires were distributed using stratified random sampling technique. 321 questionnaires were returned and the overall response rate was 96% out of the calculated sample size. All the statistical procedures were done through SPSS (Statistical Package of Social Sciences/version 22). The findings of the study are that majority of the respondents are well aware of the availability of print and electronic journals of their university libraries, a larger percentage of respondents use the available electronic data bases and usage of print journals is much less. The overall perception and satisfaction toward in the use of electronic journals among the respondents was shown to be very positive. The usage of these resources can be increased if users are motivated to use the available resources in the three selected universities by providing them with regular workshops, take the necessary steps to market the available electronic and print journals in the libraries etc. Majority of the respondents prefer to use both print and electronic journals and they are still demanding both types of journals for fulfilling their information needs. Keywords- Scholarly journals, Print scholarly journals, Electronic scholarly journals, University libraries in Sri Lanka, CONSAL Databases