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Postgraduate Students’ Satisfaction with Library Resources And Services in Sri Lankan Universities (With Reference to Universities of Kelaniya, Ruhuna and Sri Jayawardenepura)

This research was carried out to examine the satisfaction of postgraduate students on available library resources and services in the university libraries of Sri Lanka. The other objectives are to identify the frequency of usage of the library by postgraduate students, types of resources and services that they use mostly and their requirements and suggestions to overcome the hindrances while using library resources and services. The population of the study consisted 2054of registered postgraduate students for the year 2016in the three selected universities. Calculated sample size was 327based on the Krejcie and Morgan’s sample size determination table. 327Questionnaires were distributed using stratified random sampling method. Data were analyzed using SPSS (Statistical Package of Social sciences/Version 22). Percentages and frequencies were used for interpreting data. Findings revealed that most of the users were satisfied with the available library sources and services. The respondents recommended enhancement the opportunity for remote access of available electronic resources subscribed by the three selected university libraries. Furthermore, they suggested that the amount of books that can be borrowed by the students should be increased. Keywords - User satisfaction, Postgraduate students, University Libraries, Library resources and services