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Role Demand and Work Life Balance Experiences in Sri Lankan Women Employees in Different Ethnic Groups: A conceptual Framework

The objective of the study was to develop a conceptual framework fordetermining effect of role demand and work life balance (WLB) of Sri Lankan women academics. This study was qualitative in nature. The data for the present study were collected from a total of 30 women academics based in Sri Lanka. The result of the study identified main dimensions for role demands (work –family) and WLB. A variable ethnicity identified as moderating variablebased on the extensive review of the literature. Moreover, developed conceptual framework is significant to provide information regarding an association between role demands (work and family), satisfaction (work and family) and interferences (work-interfere and family interfere) Hence, a research framework has been propounded to determine the relationships between the constructs in a future study.In addition, the conceptual model will serve as additional literature on the role demand and WLB experiences among women employees in Sri Lanka that has not been explored. Keywords - Ethnicity, Family, Role Demands, Work life balance (WLB) Experiences, Work.