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Optimizing Human Resources Through Economic Education System to Make Sustainability of Cibeusi, West Java, Indonesia

Independence of economic in a region will have an impact on the process of reducing poverty. Indonesia as a country with a lot of human resources strongly supports the sustainable economic development, productive workers, and increasing state revenues to realize the goals of developing economies. The provision of capital is one of essential thing for starting a sustainable business. Cibeusi is a village located in West Java, Indonesia which has a kite-making craft as one of the main livelihoods. This is very interesting considering the kites in this era are not so popular, but they still produce it in massive way. Indirectly it shows that cibeusi villagers have good potential and willing. If their potential and willing are carefully managed by providing entrepreneurial and skill training, then the community will get a great impact. Cibeusi should be developed as a modeling area in economic education. The capital program in Cibeusi has been established with a fairly good system, but there are still many things that need to be fixed. In this research will be discussed about the system and model of the capital for the society. So the idea produced can be a model in the development of regional economy. The outcomes of economic education are: (1) developing a kite business to expand its market, (2) providing alternatives by sending delegates to entrepreneurship training centers, (3) building relationships with meetings with some entrepreneurs, (4) providing financial capital to society that is already eligible to start a business. Keywords - Education, economy, financial capital support, human resource