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The Role of Temporary Flood Transfer Centers (TFTCS) in Enhancing the Quality of Life Flood Victims in the East Coast Region of Malaysia

Early November 2016 till May 2017, unexpected flood events occur in the East Coast Region of Malaysia. Reported by [3](Local Network News), Kemaman Terengganu population are the first group of victims have been transferred to Temporary Flood Transfer Centers (TFTC). Meanwhile the number of flood victims from Kelantan have been transfer to TFTCs increasing to 6110 people. Follow by Pahang, total flood victims reported have been transfer to TFTCs were 6723 people. Outcomes from interview session with flood victims and volunteers from those three state completely agree that the types of TFTC play important effect toward to quality of life. Therefore by pinpoint these scenarios, the aim of this study is to investigate the role of TFTC as a Moderator Variables towards Quality of Life (QoL) among victims. Secondly, to determine the relationship between a set of variables (Physical Health, Mental Health, Social Support, Spirituality and Environment) and QoL. Findings of this study indicate that environment at Special Based Center category has positive significant relationship with QoL together with social support, physical health, mental health, and spirituality. Meanwhile, Independent t – test result show that the types of TFTC has no significant different toward to QoL among flood victims. By the way, Special Based Center of TFTC show indirectly effect on QoL compare to School Facilities Center among victims at East Coast Region of Malaysia. The implication of this study is able to give an indication for authorities to focus further on mental health, physical health, environment and facilities at TFTCs in order to enhance level of QoL among flood victims. Index Terms - Quality of life, environment, flood victim, temporary flood transfer center, and moderator variables.