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Challenges and Opportunities of Information Service Management for Supporting Educational Management System

Information technology and management impel a strong influence not only to empower business management but also rapidly changing for education management. An Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) is a way with focus on process and how to create service quality. ITSM is a set of processes that merge to guarantee the quality of IT services. In addition, ITSM is a challenges and opportunities way to support and increase performance for educational management processes, activities and roles of IT delivery. This research studies the usage of ITSM for supporting educational management system and assesses the quality and satisfaction of applications for supporting system in education management. The quantitative approach was used to investigate the quality and satisfaction for education management supported application based on 35 staff of Ministry of Education. The research indicated that the expansion of ITSM for education management not only challenges and opportunities to users’ working but also comprehension significance of ITSM. Moreover, the study was revealed that the quality of educational management supporting applications is on effective level and staff’s satisfaction is highly satisfied level. Index Terms - Education Management, Education supporting application, Information Technology Service Management, ITSM model.