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A Control System Development by Wireless Body Area Network for Household Electrical Equipment

A developed electric control system using Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) uses a medical communication technology to apply for controlling an electric system in a smart home system. There is separated in two parts of the system. The first part is a center control that consists of a microcontroller and a wireless system receiver. The second part is a vital sign detector and a wireless signal transmitter to a center control part. This system measures a vital sign of a user. Also, this system will command to control an electric system work when a user is in an area of a center control function. A transmitter using a vital sign detector will have an encryption in order to specify for a priority to control. As well, using a WBAN system to control an electric system in a smart home system can reduce an energy using efficiently. Index Terms - Smart Home, Wireless Body Area Network, ZigBee