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Features Affecting The Quality Of Sustainability Reporting: An Empirical Study And Evaluation

Despite of the increasing importance of the sustainability reporting, as a measure of the sustainability performance, nowadays, there is a consensus on the poor quality of sustainability reporting among academics and practitioners. This research aims at testing the impact of some factors that could be the reason behind that poor quality of sustainability reporting. Based on the relevant literature, the research applied multiple regression analysis to test the impact of the corporate adherence to regulations (mainly Global Reporting Initiatives “GRI”) and the type of information in the report (mainly the quantitative information) on the quality of sustainability reporting. This relationship has been tested on a sample of the Global Fortune 100 (G100) companies for the period of 2011-2015. The empirical study concluded that, there is a significant positive relationship between the adherence to regulations and the type of information on the quality of sustainability reporting. Keywords - Sustainability Reporting, Lack of Regulation, Type of Information.