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Incidence Of Toxoplasma Antibodies Among Wo Benjawad, Libya

The present study was conducted in Benjawad , Libya. It is the first study on the incidence of T.gondii among women from Benjawad region . Blood samples were collected from participants including 280 pregnant and 250 non-pregnant women . The samples (anti-Toxoplasma IgGandIgM antibodies)were tested by using ELISA Kits . Information and data on women were obtained using questionnaire . Overall incidence rates of T.gondiiantibodies,were 37.17% and 3.58% for IgG and IgM positive , respectively . The study revealed that 37.14% and 3.57% were positive for IgG and IgM anti- T.gondii among pregnant women while the incidence rates were 37.20% and 3.60% for anti-T.gondiiIgG and IgM antibodies among non- pregnant women.According to the results,there was no significant association between incidence of T.gondiiand the age . The results also revealed that incidence rates of T.gondiiIgG antibody associated with symptoms were 7.1% repeated abortion, 3.0% forstill birth and asymptomatic was 89.8%. This association was no statistically significant. No statistically significant relation was observed between incidence T.gondii antibodies and the other variable factors studied. Transmission of T.gondii in this study is possible by containers, knives or cutting boards or other preparation surfaces contaminated with raw meat. This study indicates that there is a considerable rate of T.gondiiIgG and IgMantibodies infection among women in Benjawad and village near it. Moreover, it shows the need to provide health education to pregnant women in order to prevent primary infection during pregnancy . Keywords- Toxoplasma, Anti-Toxoplasma Antibodies, ELISA, IGG,IGM.