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Field Trips and the Students’ Opinions Regarding the Impact and the Use of Oral Communication at Workplace

The main aim of this study is to investigate the impact of field trips and the use of oral communication skills at workplace for the engineering students. Education is not fulfilled until the theoretical ideas learned in the classroom are applied at the real workplace environment. To accelerate learning processes would be accomplished by implementing field trip in the curriculum. This paper presents experiences on applying a field trip in an undergraduate polytechnic students. Data for the study were gathered from 38 respondents from electrical and mechanical students who had completed their three oral communication modules. A set of questionnaire and face to face was carried out. The finding of this study indicates that the engineering students had impactful experience. The field trip gave awareness on the importance of oral communication skills and the gaps on the language needs at workplace. Besides that, the findings also showed that they had the ability to use the oral communication skills learned during the question and answer section without much struggle. This research concludes that due to the competitiveness and advancement of the workplace communication, there is a vital need to adequately prepare graduates with good English Oral communication skills. The contribution to new knowledge in this study included the development of advice on the impact and benefit of field trips education to undergraduates. The researchers recommended that educational trips should be included in the curriculum wherever possible. Keywords - Field trip, English Oral communication skills, impact