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Spatiotemporal variation of fire occurrence in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, between 1999 and 2016

In the state of Amazonas, the wildland fires represents a huge risk for biodiversity conservancy since more than 95% of the state is covered by the Amazonia Rainforest, one of the largest and biodiverse tropical forest of the world. This study aims to analyze the spatiotemporal variation of fire occurrence in the state of Amazonas using data from NOAA-12 and AQUA-MT satellites for the period from 1999 to 2016. Based on the results, a significant uptrend was observed in the number of hot spots recorded over the years. The months with the highest occurrence were August and September. The results from this study should be used as basis for fire prevention activities in order to reduce the wildland fire occurrence in the state of Amazonas. Keywords - Fire prevention, fire protection, hot spots, remote sensing.