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A Social Network Analysis on The Collaborative Networks Among Regional Innovation Actors in Incheon

This study was conducted for effective management of collaborative networks and relationships among regional innovation actors. Using a networking analysis, this study presents characteristics and modes of collaboration networks among regional innovation actors, and describes characteristics of networks by innovation function. The study shows what institutions are at the center of regional innovation networks, and how institutions are networked in Incheon. In addition, the results also show that the density of network among regional innovation actors weakens as the intensity of collaboration increases. The common type of collaboration is joint project, not contract. And networking, supporting research and development, and supporting start-ups are active. According to the results of this study, organizations that have a central role in networks are so different by function. Thus policy to promote regional innovation network should strengthen programs with focusing on institutions that have more connections in regional innovation networks. Index Terms- Key words: Regional Innovation Actors, Collaboration Network, Social Network Analysis, Incheon