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Overall Energy Balance and Heat Transfer in A Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

The shell and tube heat exchanger is one of the most common exchangers which is wieldy used in many engineering processes. This concentric shell and tube heat exchanger allows the study of heat transfer between hot water flowing through an internal tube and cold water flowing in the ring area lying between the internal and external tubes, and this shell and tube heat exchanger allows measuring hot and cold water temperatures in different points of the exchanger. The objectives of this paper determine to formulate a global energy balance in a shell and tube heat exchanger and to study the heat losses, firstly focuses to study the heat transfer in countercurrent and parallel flow and to measure the temperature profile in a shell and tube heat exchanger. An addition to calculate the overall heat transfer coefficient using criteria equations, also focused to draw the temperature profile of the heat exchanger for both configurations countercurrent and parallel flow with temperature on the axial axis and thermocouple position on the horizontal axis. Furthermore discussed the behavior of temperature across the heat exchanger and compare the countercurrent and parallel flow arrangements. Keywords - Energy balance, heat transfer, overall heat transfer coefficient