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Effect Of Exercise Training On The Quality Of Life And Echocardiography Parameter, Fatigue, Social Functioning And General Health Status Of Elderly Patients With Chronic Heart Failure: A Randomized Trail

Background:An essential public health goal is to reduce age-related disabilities (chronic heart failure) in the elderly., the aging populations are those who are in need of specific encouragement to engage in physical activity The purpose of this study was to Effect of exercise training on left ventricular ejection fraction, fatigue, social functioning and general health of elderly patients with chronic heart failure Methods/Design: The present study was conducted on elder with chronic heart failure. 70 patients were divided randomly into two experimental and control groups of 35 each. The patients in experimental group followed an exercise program within 24 weeks, three sessions per week, for 40 minutes in the morning including five to ten minutes of warm-up, 25-30 minutes of exercise, and five minutes of cool-down. Data gathering consisted of quality of life questionnaire SF-36, demographic questionnaire, Fatigue Severity Scale and echocardiography. The data were analyzed by SPSS 18 through pair and independent t-test. Results: The results indicated that mean age was 69�2.2 years in the experimental group and 68�2.22 years in the control group. Findings indicated that, there was a statistically significant difference in mean score of fatigue, pain, blood pressure, pulse physical performance, activity limitation following physical problems, energy, social performance, left ventricular ejection fraction, and general health in two control and experimental groups between before and after the study Conclusion: Recommended to incorporate healthcare teams including trained nurses with expertise on rehabilitation and exercise into rehabilitation programs of the elderly with heart diseases to offer higher quality services to patients. Key words- elderly ejection fraction, fatigue, social functioning, general health,