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Smart Grid Consumer’s Energy Consumption Based on Environment, Climate, and Weather Parametric Drifts

Electricity is the need of modern era. The increasing demand for electricity is a demanding issue. Environment, climate, and weather parameters play a pivotal role in shaping energy profiles of Smart Grid (SG) consumers. The above factors directly affect the lifestyles of SG consumers that stimuli energy consumption. Without the consideration of weather drifts in modeling, analysis, and design of SG systems, disastrous incidents may jeopardize an inter-connected system. For instance, Lightning can strike distribution substations, high-speed winds can bring down trees and branches, ice can snap lines, and hurricanes can be catastrophic. Such weather conditions have the potential to deport thousands of consumers without electrical power. Over and above, more than any other factor, the weather affects the demand for electrical power immensely. Moreover, the demand for electrical power goes sky high in periods of severe temperatures. The aim of this research is to review an intimate relationship between environmental variations and energy consumption of SG consumers. We present an overview of SG architecture and promising features with the technical concept. Our work explores detail taxonomies of environment and weather parameters in detail. Finally, a case study is presented that describe a mutual relation of external environmental inputs with the energy demand of SG consumers. Index Terms - Smart Grid, Environmental Drifts, Consumer Energy Demand, Climatic Model, Weather Parametric Variations