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Network Management As A Tool For Online Dissemination Of Information Resources And Services In Umaru Musa Yar´┐Żadua University Library Katsina

This article examined the network management as tool for online dissemination of information resources and services in Umaru Musa yar´┐Żadua university library Katsina. A Qualitative research method was used in carrying out this study. Interview was used as research instruments for data collection. The findings of this study have shown that network medium available in the library are physical that use twisted cables such as pair, coaxial and fiber optic cables and non physical medium. Also, the findings have shown that the staff involved in network management in the library under study are network technologist, and network architects. Moreover, the findings indicated the distribution channels as LAN, WLAN and RF or IR etc..Equally, the findings showed the extent of network accessibility by the user community was 247.They also, provides how the said network is being maintain as through checking of UPS, installed software checks up checking switches among others. Similarly, findings indicated how the network was secured as settings firewall to protect intruders, Symantec spam protection, installation of antivirus or spyware computers on network etc. On the other hand,, the findings identify some of the online information resources available in the library, as e-books, e-journals, databases, websites for the library and social networks. In the same vein the finding showed the online information services rendered by the library such as e-references, CAS and OPAC among others. Similarly, the findings indicated the facilities used in the dissemination of information resources and services such as softwares, hardwares, and telecommunication system. Further, the findings of the study revealed some of the problems militating against effective network management and the dissemination of information resources and services, congestion, broadcast storm, interference especially in wireless network, security threats, meager infrastructures, limited and shrinking budget, low level of computer literacy and lack of awareness among user community, ineffective policies, low bandwidth and ineffective configuration of campus network, lack of commitment from the management and lack of library website. Finally, the article came up with recommendations that: there is the need for network segmentation in to vilans so that to avoid network congestion, there is the need for the provision of more network switch rather than hubs, there is need for increasing the network bandwidth for efficient use, there is the need for effective ICT policy in the library and there is the need for enlightment campaign to users in order to create awareness among others. KEY WORDS- NETWORK MANAGEMENT, DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION, RESOURCES, SERVICES