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Augmented Reality with Three-dimensional Model: Language Recognition via Mobile Learning Media

The paper describes the power of learning media based on augmented reality technology to enhance language acknowledgement. The steps consistently used for the ARToolkit and android mobile application development have been considered. The target users are beginners who just started to learn the 44 characters in the Thai alphabet, such as kindergarten children or foreigners. The potential of the learner using AR applications is to identify the positive aspects in using graphical model techniques and AR technology for education. This learning media shows the mobile scanning method with marker based augmented reality for user interaction. The animation and sound, along with the appearance of the 3D alphabet character, allow the user to rotate it virtually. Results show that the target group of users is satisfied with the tool on a good level (4.35), being able to recognize Thai characters. Lastly, MAR provides an alternative to traditional language learning and recognition. Index Terms - Augmented Reality, Three-Dimensional Model, Marker Based, Language Recognition, Mobile Learning Media.