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New Spaces Of Technological Advances And Changing City

In this paper, models for future living that is emerging in American society, we checked. Among the new models on the one hand, and the development and application of new information and communication technologies periods is on the other hand, there is a close link. One of the important features of urban life in the twentieth century. Each city created a modern society, but also in rural areas were gradually replaced traditional lifestyle. At the beginning of the twentieth century, sociologists, leading to economic and urban culture as the paradigm of the industrial age were given. If the view to extend the periods is dispersed and World cities view, the question whether the residential models, especially during periods is technology and media are new? There are many signs that the periods is based on analysis and evaluation, confirming the fact that now we live in the area of profound social transformation of mine, such as during the industrial area in its new mode of production and conditions will be living. While the term used to describe the industrial revolution of the past used to describe the current period should speak technological revolution. Key words- Technological advances, changing city, industrial revolution, traditional lifestyle