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An Investigation of the Effect of Obtaining Professional License on Effective Performance of School Leaders in Qatar

In 2001, Qatar embarked on ambitious reform initiatives recognizing the need for a strong educational system to prepare young Qataris for increasingly demanding careers and for playing leading roles in the future development of their own society. Nine years later, Qatar’s educational landscape has significantly changed. Among these changes is the introduction of professional standards for teacher and school leaders and Qatar’s first system for the registration and licensing of teachers and school leaders that are directly linked to the professional standards. However, despite substantial national investment in the licensing system of teachers and school leaders, mixed opinions about the effect of obtaining professional licenses on effective performance of school leaders remain. Therefore, the purpose of the study under investigation is to examine the relationship between obtaining school leaders the professional Licenses and their effective performance. It is clear that a close inspection of any policy or practice is vital in order to improve effectiveness and success. It is our view that without this critical inspection educational programs or policies are more likely to fail and bring about unintended consequences hampering the overall reform. Keywords - Professional license, licensure system, effective performance, Qatari school leaders