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Distribution Pattern of the Dormitory Business and Community-Impact in Salaya Area, Nakornpathom Province.

The research of Distribution pattern of the dormitory business and community-impact in Salaya area, Nakornpathom province. The analysis was analyzed by means of statistical analysis. The purpose is to study the distribution patterns. The dormitory and study the attitude of residents near the expansion of the dormitory business. It also analyzes the negative impact on the environment and problems arising from the expansion of dormitory business. The results show that the distribution pattern and expansion of the dormitory business inSalaya area, Nakornpathom Province. Dividing the dormitory business into spatial and spot-based spatial layers, namely the dormitory business of the main transport route, under the responsibility of Salaya, NakhonChaisri Road, Salaya - Bang Pasi and PhuttamonthonSai4. There are 102 dormitory businesses. The nearest point to the index is 1.103152, where the index is more than 1, indicating that the distribution pattern is organized, which means that the distribution of dormitory business. Spread over the area and the distance between one point and the other nearest point of each point is approximately equal. In addition, the analysis of the impact of the expansion of dormitory business in Salaya area, Nakornpathom Province. Dwellers in the vicinity of the dormitory business use a total of 30 questionnaires, divided into three categories: socio-economic and environmental, economic, social and environmental. Findings on the impact of the expansion of dormitory business. Themean(Mean=3.71) of the socioeconomic(Mean=3.71), respectively(Mean=3.62), and comparing the opinions about the impact of the expansion of dormitory business. Based on personal attributes classified by gender, characteristics of housing, age, education status and a different career. It was found that there were no different opinions about the impact of the expansion of dormitory business. Index Terms - Distribution pattern, dormitory business, community-impact and Salaya area.