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The Study on Elderly Tourist Requirement on Accommodation and Facility in Ranong Province

- Nowadays, Elderly Market (60 Year old up) is another market that tends to increase in the future due to medicals and public health development which reduces death rate. These elderly tourists spend their living life after retirement for recreation and traveling. They have more time and budget readiness, marketing for elderly therefore is the new marketing channels as it is a potential target group. Even Though Thailand has Beautiful tourist attraction, however, if considerate in hospitality management for elderly tourist it found that still lack for this group [1]. Ranong province is located 568 kilometre from Bangkok. It also known as 8 months long rainy period each year and bordered by Myanmar and the Indian Ocean to the west which consisted of diversify natural tourist attractions and plentiful mangrove forests. [2] At present Ranong Province is well- known as an attractive tourist destination in public eye due to their beautiful sixty-two islands, many beautiful beaches, waterfall, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries and the 2 famous hot springs Raksawarin and Porn Rang hot springs which draw a large number of tourists to visited [3]. As Lonely Planet, the travel magazine stated that “The Andaman's northernmost province is a whole different package to the white sand, turquoise sea paradise that is used to sell the Andaman's on tourist brochures [4].” According from Vision and Mission of Ranong province to be a hub of transport goods between countries Andaman coast countries and preservation of city of Health Tourism and be livable environment [5] and there various tourist attraction therefore it can said that Ranong province have enough potential to be health tourism destination for tourist. Fig. 1Raksawarin Hot Spring, Ranong Province Source: Pornnapat Berndt, November 16, 2017 Fig. 2 Porn Rang Hot Spring, Ranong Province Source: PornnapaBerndtt, November 16, 2017 Therefore, researcher then would like to study on elderly tourist requirement on accommodation and facilities which the expected when they traveling purpose to enhance standard of accommodation to satisfy elderly tourist group. in order to draw this potential group to come to visit Ranong Province which will generate income to local communities. To accomplish the goals and objectives, qualitative research was applied. The study also used both primary data and secondary data. Research result founded that most elderly tourist required on ramp, elevator which big enough for wheelchair, bed which not too high for them, bathroom which have seat inside to sit when they shower. In addition, they need emergency button in case of accident. If possible, hotel should have doctor standby for 24 hours. They expected hot spring inside the hotel include spa. Index Terms - Ranong Province, Health Tourism, Elderly Tourist, Hot Spring.