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Survey of the Human Resource Management Knowledge Local Administrative Organization in Thailand

This research has aimed to show the following: 1) Research and dissertation on resource management, 2) To study the concepts of academics and researching methods, and 3) To review the content of the human resources management book, from the existing local government organization. A thesis on the human resource management of local administrative organizations has been written. The research was based on qualitative studies that conducted, to gather information needed for this research. The data altogether was analyzed as complete information that was derived from 23 books, 6 articles, and 61 dissertations. Collection of data by document study, was significant in the amount of the detail that was shown data from the information technology media, was collected by the researchers. This important data was collected from the library sources available at universities; as well as the research papers from the dissertation database (library network in Thailand). The study found that, knowledge of local administration showed little comparison to the knowledge from the other aspects of the local administration such as local finance. Because of the local awareness, the researcher should consider that it should be studied in the form of books related to the teaching, and management of local human resources. A thesis on human resource management of local administrative organizations in Thailand should be expanded. The focus should be on the human resources management system, or the human resource management process. Also, policy issues should be included related to the local personnel management, the human resource development law, and the various human diversity issues.Additionally, the adaptation of the many local government organizations that have a major impact on Human resource management; will also increase the knowledge of the local personnel management. Index Terms - Human Resource Management, Knowledge, Local Administrative Organization.