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The Knowledge and Understanding about the Citizen politics :A case study of SuanSunandhaRajabhat University students

This research has 2 purposes which are to search and analyze the knowledge level and understanding of students on idea of citizen politic and to find the method to improve knowledge and understanding on citizen politic by using quantitative method with case study as survey research. This research used questionnaire to collect data along with random selection to spread out the questionnaire to samples which are 256 SuanSunandhaRajabhat University students who registered in 2017 academic year from 6 faculties and colleges. When the data was collected, researcher used spss to find the findings of this research. The research found that knowledge about politics and political participation has 3 important issues. First, 104 students can answer about present constitution that it is temporary since 2007 which equal 40.60%. Second, 96 students know that the current government (PriministerPrayuthJantraocha) which equal 37.50%. And last, citizen politics happen only in democracy. For this issue, there are students who answer both right and wrong in quite the same proportion. It is found that knowledge level and understanding of students towards idea of citizen politics is in moderate level. While the results of students’ behavior found that students follow the political news from social network in high level ( = 1.73) and receive political knowledge from classes ( = 1.54) and their curriculum should have followed political news in high level too ( = 1.57). Thus, teaching by attaching the knowledge and understanding about political participation and citizen politic in class or manage the curriculum that include subjects according to it would be the great method to develop knowledge and understanding towards citizen politic for students. Index Terms - The Knowledge, The Understanding, The Citizen politics