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The Effect of Exploring a Target Needs on Decision Making on the Job Training of Business English Students

One of the difficulties that several fourth-year undergraduates have to face occurs when they have to make a decision where to do their job training. One possible reason might due to a lack of exploring their prospective careers in the real world. Due to such lack, it might be difficult for the students to make a proper decision on the career, position, and organization which are really appropriate for them. To fulfill the gap, Business English program at Suan Sunanadha Rajabhat University has invited current and experienced workers from several different careers to give the students some overviews of the job descriptions and the required qualifications in those particular jobs. However, many students still think that they had made a wrong decision after they completed their job training. This study then aims to act as a guideline to allow the students explore the real working world so that they can eventually make their decision on the job training more properly. To achieve it, the students were assigned to survey the needs of English in the careers which they are interested in joining on their job training by interviewing. Then, they need to write their reflections toward their decisions on job training. From the findings, it is not clear if learning the target needs helps the students make their decisions on where to join the job training easier since there seem to be many factors affecting their decisions. However, what they gain is the positive attitudes toward English language practice, and the significance of using English in the real world of working. Index Terms - Business English, Job Training, Needs Analysis, Target Situation Needs