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Political Culture and Democratization in South Korea

The study of Political culture and democratization in South Korea aims to study the political culture that affects democratic South Korea. This country has been much discussed in terms of countries where democracy has been developed steadily. Since the process of democratization has started. The research was conducted according to a qualitative methodology and the data collection was also performed according to the methodology. The data was collected with documentary study and from documents which considered as academic literature i.e. books, articles, research papers, theses and papers on electronic media. The research results revealed that the political culture that is open to channels of negotiation, participation, and political monitoring are the main factors that contributed to South Korea's democratic stability. Furthermore, the dynamic factors supporting ongoing democratization of South Korea are political leaders who have faith in democracy, the strong role of the social movement group or civil society that pushes for special legislation in order to protect the rights of citizens to rise to democracy, an elimination of the influence of the military from politics as well as success in economic development and social change. Index Terms - Democracy Democratization Political culture South Korea Politics