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Introducing The Meaning Of Sustainability In Construction Of Yazd's Sardabs (Cellars)

The idea of sustainability is one of the important concepts in today's modern world. In this concept, special attention has been paid to a comprehensive approach toward establishing a balanced connection between the three main elements of society, economy and environment. In some developing countries, efforts are focused on environmental and technologic aspects regardless of social and economical elements. Approach: This passage will try to survey the comprehensive prospective of old Iranians toward the meaning of sustainability in the construction of Yazd's Sardabs (cellars) and the space related to them. These buildings will be analysed in terms of social, economic and environmental elements. Result and Conclusion: Thus, criteria and provision will be extracted and deducted by surveying Yazd's Sardabs (cellars) which seem to have managed to create perfectly balanced connections between social and economic aspects of a sustainable architecture which can well be used in today's modern world. Key words - Cellar, natural ventilation, society, sustainability, technology ,thermal comfort.