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Analysis of Subject Teacher Competency Factors In SMP Negeri 41 Bandung (According to The Law No 14 Year 2005)

The teachers' competence is also required to reach the higher level along with the development of science and information technology. It is to match the students and improve the teacher performance as well. The final result can enhance the students and teachers achievement. The purpose of this study is to know the level of pedagogic competence, personality competence, social competence, and professional competence of subject teachers at SMP Negeri 41 Bandung. In this study, the writers use comparative study. The population in this study is 44 subject teachers at SMP Negeri 41 Bandung. The data analysis is done by using descriptive. The result of questionnaires on various teacher competencies based on the law number 14 year 2005 shows the pedagogical, personality, and social competence are acceptable. However, according to the government standards in accordance with Permenneg PAN and RB no. 16 of 2009 article 15, the assessment of teachers is considered as very good if a total percentage reaches above 91%. Therefore, the competence of subject teachers in SMP Negeri 41 Bandung cannot be categorized as excellent. The average score results for pedagogical competence is 86.54%, personal competence is 89.49%, social competence is 87.35%, and professional competence is 81.87%. Keywords - pedagogical competence, personality competence, social competence, professional competence