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Operation of Smart Refrigeration Logistics Center Based on Cold Chain System

This paper focuses on the frozen storage warehouse located in Busan area, and it is because Busan is the most dense area in Korea. Pusan is a port city, and almost all of the frozenrefrigerated cargo imported from abroad is concentrated. By taking advantage of its strength as afishery industry as well as importing, Busan is building the largest international fishery logisticsbase in Northeast Asia and plays an important role in the export of refrigerated cargo is. Therefore,although the freezing and chilling facilities seem to be developed with the latest technology, the reality is not so. Most of them are functioning as a warehouse, that is, a storage function, and aconsiderable number of refrigerated warehouses are in a state of aging. Therefore, in this paper,the facility and function restructuring of the freezing storage warehouse have been set as asolution task, and the introduction of the cold chain system containing the latest smart technologyhas been proposed as a solution. Keywords - Smart Logistics, Cold Chain System, Refrigeration Logistics Center, Operating System