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Case Study: Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows for A Shop in Fisheries Wholesale Market

This paper proposes a methodology for Vehicle Routing Problem with time windows (VRPTW). VRPTW deals with routing of vehicles for distribution management considering time constraints. This problem was found by a shop (a company, so to speak) which is located in Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, Seoul, Republic of Korea. VRPTW is solved using heuristic algorithms such as Route-building, the neighborhoods, or metaheuristic algorithms. This study uses an algorithm which is combined modified Tabu search and Simulated annealing. We analyze that the effects of applying new routes after the use of suggested algorithm and the shop (company) is able to save distribution cost and resources dramatically in comparison to the current business system. Indexterms - Logistics,Transportation business, VRPTW, Time window, Metaheuristic, Tabu search, Simulated annealing.