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A Study on Women’s Career interruption in Korea: A Meta-Analysis

The purpose of this study is to extract the core keywords from the articles of women with career interruption inKorea through meta-analysis and to visualizetheir association. The collected data were structured based on Big data(106sets) from 1997 to 2017 and analyzed using Nvivo and R programming. In the process, 80 words were devised, and text mining and social network analysis were conducted. As a result, it is divided into two groups, and the reference point is the timing of enactment(2008). In addition, the overall analysis results are as follows. First, terms such as care, child, and develop were the main keywords in the before-groups, while terms such as care, work, and employ were the main keywords in the after-group. Second, network patterns are similar to after-group patterns compared to before-group. Therefore, support for women with career interruption suggests that not only parenting policies but also employment policies should be implemented in parallel. Keywords - Big data, Meta-analysis, Social network analysis, Text mining, Women’s career interruption.