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The Extent Of The Implementation Of Environmental Laws And Fisheries Laws In Binalbagan Coastal Zone

Fisheries management experts recognize that the underlying causes of fisheries resource is over-exploitation and coastal environmental degradation. Of the coastal environmental degradation pollution from waste contributed by man is at alarming rate despite of the national policy and legal framework in environmental laws. This study aims to determine the extent of the implementation of environmental laws and fisheries laws in the coastal zone of Binalbagan. Evaluation Research were conducted with the used of observation and inquiry to gather the data. The performance of the implementation strength on the number of cases was measures using5 point likert scale. In terms of the implemented environmental laws there is no reported case on dumping of waste on creek and embankment which means not at all. In mangrove cutting there were 15 cases reported in mangrove cutting which indicate that it occasionally occurs. In the implementation of .fisheries laws using active gear ,the trawl fishing occurs very frequently while illegal use of compressor and illegal structure occurs occasionally. The Implementation on environmental laws has no cases reported making the situation of the creek, and rivers of Binalbagan a waste basket of all types of waste, scattered and serves as embankment. The academe will assist the Local Government Units in monitoring and implementation of the laws, adopt the participatory approach and implement the polluters-pay principles.. Keywords - Coastal pollution, Water pollution, Plastic, Regulation, Penalties