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Chromosomal Aberrations Observed in Two Fejervarya SPP Living in Artisanal Mining Farms in Phichit Province, Thailand.

- Artisanal mining for gold is an easy to implement and fast growing farmhouse industry with a high impact on the environment due to the mobilized arsenic from the gold-ore and mercury from the mining process. The current study aims to detect levels of arsenic and mercury in the habitat and the frogs to report the chromosomal aberrations of the Fejervarya spp living in the contaminated areas. Sediments from the mines had elevated arsenic concentrations but not mercury. Frogs from the mines contained elevated mercury concentrations above Thailand’s food quality standard and trace arsenic concentrations below Thailand’s food quality standard. Frogs living in the mining reference site, site 1 and site 2 showed 9, 62 and 25 percent chromosomal aberration respectively. Statistical analysis revealed that site one was significantly different in comparison to the reference P = 0.047. However, site 2 was not significantly different regardless of the difference in percentages P = 0.138. The observed chromosomal aberrations with the tissue concentrations hints at an exposure to all life living in the mining sites including humans which may lead to devastating results in the years to come. The authorities needs to be informed of these results so as to inform, educate and mitigate the farming communities from inevitable future hazard. Index Terms - Arsenic, chromosomal aberration, Mercury, Fejervarya limnocharis, Fejervarya cancrivora.