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Why Are The Young Generation Crazy About Internet-Only Bank?

Today customers usually use internet and mobile shopping easily and internet distribution environment is changing rapidly. As the competition of banking industry is more intensive in this rapidly changing environment, banking service have been changed and developed. Recently, the “KaKao bank”, one of the internet-only bank in South Korea, has received great popularity among South Koreans. Although people are interested in the internet-only bank service, there are no research dealing with it. Therefore, this study focus on perceived value of customer and research the impact on acceptation of internet-only bank. That is, we can get needs and expectation of customers who want to use internet-only bank, and we can give some marketing insights in order to vitalize the market of internet-only bank from this study. This study attempted to investigate the impact of consumers’ perceived values on internet-only bank service usage intention. The purpose of this study is to examine why the young generation crazy about internet-only bank and how various perceived value constructs of consumers related to the bank service affect consumers’ acceptance intention. For this study, data were gathered from college students in their 20s who are generally familiar with IT services and are interested in internet-only bank and analyzed by multiple regression analysis. All constructs about perceived value affected consumers’ usage intention toward internet-only bank service. Among these constructs, the convenience value is most important factor to affect acceptance of internet-only bank service. The results show that management and investment to improve each perceived value dimension of internet-only bank increase consumers’ usage intention of it. These findings have important theoretical implication how perceived value is attractive factor on using internet-only bank and practical implications which are suggest to manage and develop customers’ perceived value as an important marketing strategy in this paper. Keywords - Internet-only Bank, Perceived Value, Usage Intention, Customer Acceptance