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Effect of Seismicity on Infrastructure Pipelines for Istanbul

This One of the important conditions of sustaining a healthy life is the quality of city water in residential environments and removal of wastes from living spaces. Therefore it is necessary that infrastructure systems we use in providing drinking water and removing wastewater always operate without leakage. Especially post-disaster epidemics will decrease sharply when infrastructure facilities continue to operate after disasters. Thus, infrastructure facilities and pipelines should continue to operate safely without sustaining any damages after earthquakes and/or application of high loads. However, pipelines do suffer damage and fail after almost every earthquake in Turkey. Post-earthquake damage conditions of pipelines have been examined in this study according to earthquake magnitude, soil condition and type of pipeline, and suggestions have been made regarding construction of pipelines for future probable earthquakes, in which the soil conditions and infrastructure of the specific districts in Istanbul was considered. Index Terms - Infrastructure Systems, Pipelines, Earthquake Risk, Istanbul, Damages.