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Poverty Cultural Fisherman Families Living in Kenjeran, Surabaya, Indonesia

Poverty has a structural form as there is a given transformation process that could not break the cycle of poverty. The research focused on the application of poverty transformation in fisherman families living in Kenjeran, Surabaya, Indonesia. We aimed to describe how the socialization was carried out in transforming poverty values, therefore this problem could not be lost and broken in the family tree. Oscar Lewis’ poverty culture theory was employed to analyze the phenomena occurred in the study. The data were taken from observation, participant observation, interview and literary review. The results showed unbreakable poverty cycles in the fisherman families since there was a socialization process that embodied transformed poverty values. Therefore, most children did not really care about education and had no strong ambition for future. Being able to eat everyday was enough for them, thus they did not expect anything beyond they could achieve, including having higher education and reaching their dreams. It was difficult for them to eliminate this poverty condition from environment or family tree. If parents work as fishermen, most children would follow them to be fishermen in the place. Keywords - Fisherman family, poverty transformation, socialization, structural poverty.