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Student Teachers' Attitudes Towards the Inclusion of Pupils with Special Needs in Qatar Independent Schools

The study investigated the student teachers' attitudes towards the inclusion of pupils with special needs in Qatar independent schools and the willingness to teach them. The study sample was 46 male and female from students of College of Education at Qatar University from many concentrations (Arabic studies, social studies, science, mathematics, Islamic studies, English language) and from primary and secondary program. The participants responded on attitudes towards inclusion questionnaire (Prepared by researcher). Data were analyzed statistically using t-test and descriptive statistics. Results showed that (1)The general education student teachers' attitudes towards inclusion of pupils with special needs in regular classrooms was very positive and without any negative attitudes. (2) the attitudes toward teaching for pupils with special needs varied according to the nature and severity of the disability; where they preferred to dealing with groups of pupils with mild special needs, such as giftedness and learning Disabilities. (3)as well as the findings found that there were no statistically significant differences between males and females, and between the student teachers’ from primary and secondary programs towards the inclusion. Finally the study recommended the importance of academic and psychological preparation for student teachers to be able to understand the nature of the disability and acceptance pupils with disability in the Qatar independent schools. Keywords - Attitudes, student teachers, Inclusion of Pupils with special needs