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Development of Android Application for Mental Health of the Students for Betterment

This paper presents an android application self app for mental health development of the students. The significance of the mental disorder creates a negative impact on student’s academic life. In the world, suicide is the second leading cause of death in the age of 15-34. In this paper, we talk about how cell phones can able to the treatment of mental issue by: (I) actualizing human- Self monitoring by an android application interfaces to help treatment, and (ii) gathering important information from patients' day by day lives to screen the present state and improvement of their psychological disorders. Concerning the symptoms, we audit different frameworks that use cell phones for the treatment of mental disarranges. In this application, also provide implementation of self monitoring and self detecting mental status level by using psychological weightage of user interference. Finally, we discussed about mental exercise, social portal including identical and non-identical, daily updates and expert advisory for betterment of user. Index terms: Android application, mental level detection, social portal, daily blogs.