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Detection of Mercury Ion in A Microfluidic Device Using Colorimetric Method

The presence of toxic metal ions such as Mercury (Hg2+), Lead (Pb2+), Arsenic (As3+), Chromium (Cr3+) and Cadmium (Cd2+) in water source leads to serious and long-standing effects on human health. In specific, this may cause severe damages in kidney, stomachaches, dizziness, liver, anemia and neurotic disorder. Hence the detection of toxic metal ions is necessary to prevent serious diseases. This paper presents the detection of toxic mercury ion (Hg2+) in fabricated herringbone microfluidic chip using colorimetric method and L-Arginine (L-Arg) functionalized with synthesized gold nanofluids (L-Arg-AuNFs) as sensing probe. Then the Hg2+ were selectively detected, 10 μM was successfully detected using optical microscope. Keywords- Mercury Detection, Microfluidic Device, L-Arginine, Gold Nanofluids, Colorimetric Sensor