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The Examination of Igor Stravinsky’s Octet for Wind Instruments

Stravinsky, who is a creator of revolutionary and innovative music, is the pioneer of the Neoclassicism movement, which has an important place in 20th century music. The rhythmic, melodic and harmonic innovations in his music have influenced European music culture. Throughout his life, he has been a composer, pianist, orchestra conductor and music writer. Among his works, Octet for Wind Instruments has helped to start the compositional style known as Neoclassicism. The work consists of three parts. It is a work that the composer produced on the diatonic and octatonic scale. In this work, it is aimed to contribute to the interpretation of the Stravinsky’s work "Octet for Wind Instruments", which pioneered the beginning of the Neoclassicism movement. Keywords: Igor Stravinsky, Octet, Wind Instruments, Neoclassicism.