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Tourism, A Sustainable Growth Alternative To The Albanian Economy

The vital role of tourism as a global development trend is simultaneously a challenge and a potential to a countryís economic growth. Within the economic development framework, tourism stands out as a substantial industry pillar, whose reformation will undoubtedly bring forward the so longed for economic impetus and stability. Albania is a country at the heart of the Mediterranean, having intertwined the seacoast and the mountainous landscape. The potential and unspeakable natural resources are an incomparable patrimony and treasure to be explored to our benefit and the tourist fascination. The article attempts to create a concrete cadre of the core prerequisites in order to support the sustainable development tourism in the Albanian economy. Our tourism product is not duly introduced to the foreign market due to the lack of promotion and/or a multitude of other conditioning factors. Meanwhile other consequential issues are inflicted by infrastructure related inadequacies, law enforcement issues, lack of security, proper development strategies etc. The paper is based on the data acquired from the Albanian state institutions, the sector operatorís (businesses) opinions, as well as the domestic and foreigner touristís feedback. It attempts to reveal a realistic analysis of tourism in Albania and propound recommendations to the public and private sector, thereof the instigation of efficient and managerial policies, which if duly administered, could lead towards a successful sustainable tourism development. Keywords- Tourism Prospective, Sustainability, Industry Pillar, Growth, Prerequisites