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Brand Image Creation and Value-Added Strategies of Spa and Traditional Thai Massage As A Hub of Health Tourism Destination

Health Tourism is a fast-growing industry, with an increasing number of tourists seeking affordable or specialized treatment outside their home countries. Thailand has always been a popular holiday destination and tourism accounts for about 10 per cent of GDP with expected to continue increasing in the upcoming year because more people are now aware of the importance of their health both physically and mentally. Thus, many attractions have been emerged and developed to attract the tourists. The purposes of this paper were to study the tourists’ satisfaction both Thai and foreigners toward spa and Thai massage business in Thailand, to study the preferable souvenirs design of the tourists, to identified guidelines of value-added creation for spa and Thai massage business, and to developed the brand image creation and value-added strategies of spa and traditional Thai massage as a hub of health tourism destination. Researchers were use mix methods between quantitative and qualitative research. For qualitative data were collected from 10 people who are involved with health tourism such as entrepreneur and governor by using semi-structured interview, including with the focus group discussion. And the quantitative research, 5-points rating scale questionnaires were used as data collection tools to asked 400 people of Thai and foreign tourists’ opinions after taking service of spa. The results of this study provide the strategies which comprises of 1) maintain the wisdoms of traditional Thai massage which are the identify of each regions 2) apply local traditional and culture to promote business 3) keen to use the strengths more intentionally 4) create partnerships 5) develop souvenir is so much more than useful or beautiful 6) create a good image of spa and traditional Thai massage. Keywords- Health Tourism, Brand Image Creation, Spa and Traditional Thai Massage.