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The Role of Pictures and Gestures As Nonverbal Aids in Learning English Words As The Second Language in Preschool Children

Background: The aim of the present study was examining the role of pictures and gestures as nonverbal aids in learning English words as the second language in preschool children. Methods: Sixty 4-6-year-old pre-school children (30 girls and 30 boys) consisted the participants of the present study. They were selected by available sampling method among kindergartens in Tehran. All children completed Meaning Recall Test and Comprehension Test after instruction and in follow-up. Data were analyzed using repeated measures analysis of variance. Findings: Findings showed that comprehension in word + gesture condition was better than word+ picture condition and word - only condition. In follow-up, comprehension in word+ gesture condition was better than two other conditions. Conclusion: Nonverbal aids are effective in increasing learning. Stability of learning with gesture is more appropriate than other aids. Key words- Meaning recall, Comprehension, Gesture, Picture, Word.